Frequently asked questions

How does the sock donation program work?

Our donation program is designed around the Buy One / Give One model. For every pair of socks purchased, Socks of the Brave sends one pair of socks to members of the military. To ensure equal distribution of the donated socks to service members throughout the globe, we distribute the donated socks via third party charitable organizations that serve the military.

Do you plan to offer more sock designs and styles?

Yes! We limited our initial product designs and styles to keep costs low, manage quick turnarounds for our customers and ensure the long term viability of our mission to support the members of the military. However, stay tuned.. We fully intend to be your main source for bold and unique camouflage and military themed sock desings. As Socks of the Brave grows, we will be introducing more styles and designs, with our new products list already fairly robust. However, we also welcome and would love to hear from you for suggestions or opinions on what you would like to see in the future ( Click here).

Tell us about the socks.

All of our socks are made in the USA by a textile manufacturer in central North Carolina. The manufacturer utlizes state of the art technologies to develop the finest quality and durable socks with tightly woven fabrics and a relaxed, comfortable feel. The manufacturer is a zero waste facility engaged in eco-friendly practices such as recycling or recovering used materials to limit landfill waste. They also partner with other textile manufacturers to recover remnant fabrics and cutoffs clothes making processes. Our socks are made using recycled yarns from remnant clippings from t-shirt factories. The clippings are ground down and respun into yarns, a process certified by the Global Recycling Standard and Oeko-Tex.

What's the status of my order?

Once your order has shipped, you should have received an email with a tracking number. If you don't receive an email please let us know.

Can I change or cancel my order?

If you need to change or cancel a purchase, please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to meet your request.

Do you permit returns?

We accept returns within 10 days of purchase for a full refund. However, the socks must be unworn and in original packaging. Return items that have been opened or worn will be disposed of and no credit will be issued. To initiate a return, please email socksofthebrave@gmail.com and reference your order number from the purchase.

How long does the delivery process take?

All orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS) or commercial carriers from the manufacturer. As soon as your order has been dispatched you will receive an email with the details of your shipment and your tracking number. The delivery within the US takes approximately 2 – 6 business days.

How much do you charge for shipping and handling?

Nada, $0, zilch... We do not charge shipping and handling for all orders in the continental US. At this time, we only ship to locations within the US. If you live outside the continental US, please contact us and we will calculate the shipping costs.

How can I reach out to Socks of the Brave on social media?

Please look us up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We frequently provide updates on the new designs and would love to connect with you and get your feedback and insight.

Why socks donation?

Our service members are constantly on the move and well made quality socks, as we've discovered, are an essential, but often overlooked necessity. In conversations with... (or based on surveys of...) We hope our socks can be a bit of support for the women and men who are currently stationed far from their loved ones or struggling to attend to their own needs during times of financial challenges. In this way, we are attempting, in a very small way, to lessen the burdens demanded of those who have chosen to serve. Our goal is to be able to introduce other donation items based on the success of the sock donation program and the needs of our service members.

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