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socks of the brave!

We are not like other sock companies, we are different; our core mission is to effect change by supporting members of the US armed forces.

Socks of the Brave is about taking a small pebble, throwing it in a large pond, to create a ripple that expands exponentially affecting those selflessly striving to keep us safe.

Our Story

The idea for Socks of the Brave came about sort of by accident. In recent years my cofounders and I began to notice the unique and exciting changes to sock designs. What we were witnessing was the Bold Sock Revolution. It was during this time that I read a story about the financial hardships that many of our service members are constantly face on a regular basis. After reading the article, I was frustrated. I just couldn't get it out my head and wondered if there was something that could be done to reduce this burden. I will never truly know what our soldiers have gone through and everything they have given so that we could live free, but I wanted to do something to help show my gratitude for their service. From stories of our grandfathers’ experiences in WWII and my brother-in-law, who has dedicated his entire career to our country, I have gained a deep appreciation for the contributions our men and women who serve.   

Inspired by their sacrifices, I began searching for sock designers that incorporated charitable donations with sales, similar to the Buy 1, Give 1 model of Tom's Shoes. Though instead of shoes, I was searching for a company that incorporates a similar pay it 4wd approach of in kind donations of socks, 'made in the USA' for military service members and veterans. 

The exhaustive search yielded a number of unique and quirky sock companies with noble missions and values, but none seemed to align to what I had in mind. So I reached out to one of my brothers (a veteran himself) and shared my dilemma. I pitched him the idea of starting our own sock company with a sole focus of supporting the troops.  His response was priceless; "well, if we only sell 50 pairs, then at least 50 pairs will get donated to a deserving member of the military; what do we have to lose".

We ran into a number of roadblocks (apparently, designing custom Made in the USA socks is actually quite difficult) along the way. There were countless rejection letters.  Fortunately, through perseverance and determination we finally found an incredible American manufacturer based in North Carolina that could produce the socks and help make the Socks of the Brave venture possible.

With our US manufacture on board, we were ready to go live. To mark the launch of this enterprise and in keeping with our mission goal, we decided to kick this off with an initial sock donation. Through correspondence with a group of military spouses we were able to make contact and send an initial donation of over 150 pairs to the Ironhorse Brigade from Fort Hood Texas as they prepare for an upcoming nine-month deployment.  Our goal is to establish this business as the pacesetter in saying thanks to our troops and we couldn't think of a better way to get started than by taking action.

- Josh,

Socks of the Brave

Our Socks, Packaging, & Copycats

We decided that we would launch Socks of the Brave from the ground up, but do it in way that would not jeopardize its long-term viability and our mission of supporting our service members by incurring significant debt.  To support that goal, we are limiting our initial designs to keep costs low and manage quick turnarounds for our customers.


We intend to be your main source for bold and unique camouflage and military themed sock desings. Though we will also continue to offer more modest styles for our customers who want to also show their support for the military but with a more discreet attire. As Socks of the Brave grows, we plan to roll out more styles and designs, with our new product wish list already fairly robust. But we also welcome and would love to hear from you for suggestions or opinions on what you would like to see in the future (Click here).             

Also, we apologize in advance for our “no-frills” packaging.  When the socks arrive, please ignore the simple packaging and know that with each penny saved, Socks of the Brave is able to spend more on our US military.

Finally, we'd be remiss not to mention that with any product, there is always one company that leads and many others that follow. We wanted to create the best Camouflage (Camo) sock on the market; a product that we'd be proud to wear everyday to the office, the gym, or just around the house.  We understand that there will be copycats, there will be a foreign manufacturer who will probably copy the camo pattern, but we can't worry about the what what the competition will do, we will just focus on creating the best products for our customers and doing what's best for our soldiers and veterans. God Bless the USA!

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